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Your Transportation Equipment Manufacturing and Machining Partner.

We specialise in the production of machined parts and components for the transportation industry, providing the highest quality CNC machining for a range of transportation equipment.
ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
Fine tolerances from ± 0.01mm.
Lead times from 1-business day.
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Manufacturing the highest quality components for you.

We're trusted by some of Australia's leading transportation brands to machine quality parts for durability and outstanding performance. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities and processes are compatible with a wide range of materials, accelarating the production of custom components used throughout the transportation industry.
Some of the custom components we create include:

Bushings & Shafts

Valve Retainers

Timing Covers

Transmission Cases

Axles & Wheels

…and more

Transport CNC machining shop in Australia.

Our latest transportation machined parts.

Drop Plate
Mild Steel

Drop Plate

Heavy Duty Armrest Stop
Mild Steel

Heavy Duty Armrest Stop

Custom Pivot Bush
Mild Steel

Custom Pivot Bush

Custom Ramp Pivot Pin
Mild Steel

Custom Ramp Pivot Pin

Transportation manufacturing capabilities.

We're the go to CNC milling and turning production center for some of Australia's leading businesses, offering tolerances from 0.01mm +/- for the utlimate precision in quality engineering. With a variety of machines on-site, our team of expert engineers and machinists focus on quality and precision to bring your components to life.
Berkeley Engineering CNC milling services machine shop.

CNC Milling

3-5-Axis | Face | Bevel + more

Reliable and on-demand CNC milling solutions, creating precision quality parts made to the highest standards.

  • Tight tolerances from 0.01mm (0.0004″)
  • Max Weight: 1,300 Kg (1.3 tones)
  • Table Size: 1500mm x 670mm
  • High capacity/ production available
  • Lead times from 1 business day
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Berkeley Engineering CNC turning machine shop in Australia.

CNC Turning

Boring | Cross-Drilling | Tapping + more

Our high-capacity CNC lathe and CNC turning center provides high precision, quality metal and plastic machining processes made to your speficications very turn.

  • Tolerances from 0.01mm (0.0004″)
  • Bar Feeding & Robotic Automation
  • High capacity/ production available
  • Lead times from 1 business day
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Berkeley Engineering Welding and Assembly Service Machine Shop.

Metal Fabrication

Cutting | Welding | Assembly | Machining

Full service metal fabrication and CNC machining solutions designed to complete your custom projects needs, made to spec every time.

  • Advanced CNC machining services
  • Complete precision manufacturing
  • Medium to large scale production
  • Lead times from 1 business day
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Berkeley Engineering large scale plasma cutting machine shop.

Plasma Cutting

Profile | Heavy Duty | up to 80mm

Process thick large format alloys, metals and mild steel plates with precision laser plasma cutting, all made to spec with the finest quality materials.

  • 8m x 3m material capacity
  • Plate processing & machining
  • Medium to large scale production
  • Lead times from 1 business day
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Berkeley Engineering transportation and rail CNC components and manufacturing.Transportation and rail CNC components and metal fabrication.one of the Mori Seiki CNC machines at Berkeley Engineering.A warehouse full of pallets and boxes.

We keep the transportation industry moving forward...

Berkeley Engineering is a trusted partner throughout the Australian transportation industry, providing precision quality, durable and long-lasting custom machined parts.

We provide precision quality, tailor-made CNC machining solutions, made to order and to your exact specifications. From a few complex machined parts to large-scale production runs, our expert team can rapidly deliver your components at scale when you need them most.

manufacturing essential parts and components...

When it comes to machined transportation components, it is crucial to prioritise durability, reliability and strength to achieve maximum efficiency and results. These should be able to withstand the demanding conditions and rigorous tasks associated with transportation operations on a daily basis.

That’s why we only use the highest-quality of materials when manufacturing your precision quality parts. Our in-house team consists of highly skilled engineering experts, who bring their expertise and experience to ensure that the job is completed on-time and with utmost accuracy and precision.

...and a focus on innovation, service and quality.

At Berkeley Engineering, our commitment to our staff training, quality of standards and advancements in technology is evident in every single component that we manufacture and deliver to you.

Backed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification and manufactured to the highest Australian standards, we guarantee quality results for your custom components every time so you can focus on matters most in your business.

Let's see how we can help your business grow.

We’d love to work with you and bring your machining projects to life. Our team of engineers are able to handle projects of any scale, operating to fine machining tolerances with the utmost precision. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help.

Transportation parts manufacturing is better with Berkeley.

We understand the importance of reliable components when it comes to transport. That's why our custom machined transportation parts are built to meet and surpass industry standards in durability and performance. Let's talk about your next project and how we can help scale your on-demand production today.
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the exterior of the offices at Berkeley Engineering Group.
Why choose Berkeley for your transportation equipment manufacturing?
We're trusted by Australia's leading transportation bodies to machine quality parts for durability and outstanding performance. Our in-house CNC machining and manufacturing capabilities are compatible with a wide range of materials, accelarating the production of custom components used throughout the transportation industry.
  • Quality Assurance

    Our internal processes ensure that the highest quality manufacturing standards are applied to with every custom component you order. We thoroughly inspect every order throughout its production lifecycle, from conceptual drawing to finished component, following strict manufacturing guidelines that follow ISO 9001:2015 certified standards.

  • Flexible & Convenient

    Our professional machining services are trusted by brands across Australia to work alongside their business operating needs. We understand that precision quality engineering and efficiency are essential in adhering to your deadlines, which is why we take care in every order we work on to ensure 100% satisfaction.

  • Competetive Pricing

    We anticipate competition, especially operating in today’s modern world. As an Australian owned and operated business, we always aim to provide the best pricing & quotes for our clients, working with you to maximise efficiency and cost without any sacrifices.

  • IP Protection & Security

    We always take your intellectual property seriously and ensure confidentiality at every stage of your order. For more information please contact us directly.

Step #1

Submit your designs.

In order for us to provide an accurate quote, we’ll need you to upload your designs. You can submit your drawings securely online, or give us a call and we’ll be able to guide you through the process. All drawings are handled with utmost care, protecting your IP at every step.

Submit Your Drawings

Step #2

Confirm specs & quote.

Once you’ve submitted your component drawings, our team will work with you to confirm all specifications, pricing and timelines. We’ll help you to identify the optimal manufacturing setup, overall increasing the quality of your products & reducing your costs.

> Medium to High Volume Production
> Made to Order
> Expert Support

Step #3

It's production time.

Once confirmed, our expert team of in-house engineers and CNC machinists will get started on creating your custom components. We pride ourselves on efficiency and quality at every stage of production; so trust you’re in good hands every step of the way.

> High-Efficiency Production
> Premium Materials
> State-of-the-Art Machines

Step #4

Quality assurance.

We take full ownership throughout the production process, ensuring that every single one of our custom CNC machined components is thoroughly inspected to your specifications for precision, quality assurance and compliance with ISO standards.

> Precision Engineering
> ISO 9001:2015

Step #5


All of our orders come with Free Shipping (Australia wide) as standard. Every component is packed with the utmost care and attention to detail, taking every measure possible to ensure your components arrive as expected & on-time, every time.

> Free Shipping
> Secure Packaging
Our ordering process.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What are some transportation parts you manufacture?

    Our machine shop is capable of fine-crafting a range of parts and components all made to your specifications. Some of the parts we regularly make for our clients include steering components, brake components, couplers, axels, pins, bushes, hubs, door shafts, bogey parts, rail and rolling stock components and more.

    We’d love to speak with you and learn more about your transportation machining needs. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

  • How does CNC machining benefit the transportation industry?

    CNC machining plays a vital role in improving productivity and operations in the transportation industry. By utilising computer-controlled machines, transport businesses can achieve high levels of precision in manufacturing transportation equipment and components.

    CNC machining also allows for greater customisation and flexibility, enabling transportation experts to tailor their machinery to specific tasks and requirements, improving efficiency and reducing costs overall.

  • How do you differ from competitors?

    At Berkeley Engineering, we prioritise providing the best CNC machining services for the transportation industry as a whole.

    Our focus on precision manufacturing and quality assurance has led to a reputation of trust, honesty and integrity . We’re one of the few CNC machining shops that offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee paired with free shipping Australia wide on all orders.

    We understand you have a choice when it comes to finding a machinist to work with, and we understand the importance of quality and durability when it comes to sourcing a reliable machining partner.

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